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  1. Plunger (clip-in) Zipline frame
    Plunger (clip-in) Zipline frame
  2. Jaws (clip-on) Zipline Frame
    Jaws (clip-on) Zipline Frame
  3. Plunger Frame Conversion
    Plunger Frame Conversion
  4. Prison frame (zipline II)
    Prison frame (zipline II)
  5. Frames and Handle
    Frames and Handle
  6. Help Mate® Head
    Help Mate® Head
  7. Big Job Duster (Zipline II)
    Big Job Duster (Zipline II)

JawsTM (clip-on) Zipline Frame

The ultimate dust mop frame provides up to double the cleaning pressure of conventional frames and applies it equally over all parts of the mop for a measurable gain in cleaning
  • Rugged construction with no welds to break far outlasts wire frames. 
  • Holder completely covers mop head, hiding unsightly dirt and treatment.
  • Available for use with Jaws or Plunger-style handles and connectors. 
  • Velcro facing on frame.
  • 5” width in lengths from 12” to 72". 
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Plunger (clip-in) Zipline frame

Plunger zipline frame provides up to double the cleaning pressure of conventional frames and applies it equally over all parts of the mop for a measurable gain in cleaning performance. Holes on the frame bridge receive and hold clip-in connector. Rugged construction, with fewer welds than conventional frames.  360-degree swivel design.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Easy one-hand attachments.
  • Snap-On-Connector allows use with any threaded handles.
  • Provides 360° of swivel action.
  • Slide-lock feature eliminates swivel action when desired.
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Plunger Frame Conversion

Add another performance booster to your wire-frame dusters. These converters easily change your conventional wire frame dusters to our more efficient Zipline Frames.  These frames allow for the use of our extensive, fast-change, Zipline mops and are easily attached to our Plunger type clip-on handles. 
  • Durable PVC construction.
  • Velcro backed for quick changes.
  • Sizes from 18” to 48”.
  • PVC, Velcro backed flat frames.
  • 12 pieces per case for a total of 6 converter kits per case.  One piece for each side of our wire frames.
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Prison frame (zipline II)

This all PVC constructed frame has a unique PTZ glued on for easy attachments, and changing of a number of our Zipline® quality line of mops. With rounded edges, these frames have no screws or metal parts.
  • Rugged PVC construction.
  • No metal or removable parts.
  • Can be used with standard threaded handle.
  • 5” width from 12” to 48” lengths.
  • Velcro NOT included. 
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Frames and Handle

Aluminum frames allow quick changes to Zipline’s Velcro flat mops. Available in 12” to 48” lengths.   With a wide selection of Zipline dust and wet mops, including durable microfiber, this system offers unlimited opportunities and performance gains in all your hard-floor care applications.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available from 12” to 48” lengths.
  • Velcro Backed.

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Help Mate® Head

Versatile, rugged plastic holder features 360 degree swivel motion, for effective cleaning action at any angle.  Industrial grade Velcro  attaching strips securely hold all cleaning heads, allowing for fast, easy changes.
  • Available in 7”, 9” and high productivity 11” sizes.
  • Designed for Helpmate aluminum extension pole.
  • Can be used with standard threaded handle (sold separately).
  • Corrosion proof and non-conductive.
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Big Job Duster (Zipline II)

When it comes to gym floors and other large area dusting needs, where ordinary tools just won’t do, Big Job Duster lets you cover 8’ in one pass.  Scissor action funnels dirt and debris into center for easier pick up and allowing tool to pass through narrow sections of hallway.  Comes complete with two Zipline frames and a curved vinyl coated aluminum handle
  • Curved aluminum handle is easy to grip and control.
  • Rugged center swivel is built to last.
  • Available in 72” and 96” models for use with 36” and 48” Zipline heads.
  • Frame and handle only.  Zipline mop heads sold separately.
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