ABC of Microfiber
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STAGE IV. Floor Finishing …the most visible part of the MCS
After a thorough dusting and cleaning, you floors are now ready for finishing. For areas where floor machines are not necessary, our microfiber finishing pads are an effective tool for applying finish in an even and cost effective manner

  1. Aluminum Frames
    Aluminum Frames
  2. Bucketless Mopping System
    Bucketless Mopping System
  3. Floor Finish Pads
    Floor Finish Pads
  4. Aluminum handle
    Aluminum handle
  5. Finish Bucket
    Finish Bucket

Bucketless Mopping System

A self contained system for hard floor maintenance.  Come with gravity fed tank, push button applicator and microfiber mop head.  This tool is ideal for cleaning areas where conventional buckets and wringers are impractical.
  • 52 oz. gravity fed tank.
  • Floor finish system comes in 16” and 21" frames.
  • System applies finish directly onto floor from tank.
  • One microfiber floor finish pad included.
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Floor Finish Pads

Green sheared microfiber style is perfect for laying floor finish in a nice even layer.  Will not streak or run.  Velcro Backing designed to be used with velcro frames (zipline) and bucketless mopping system.
  • Highly launderable microfiber.
  • No lint tracking.
  • Available in green sheared microfiber.
  • With VelcroÓ backing.
  • Polyester and Polyamide blend.
  • Sizes from 18” to 48”. 
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Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames allow quick changes to Zipline’s Velcro flat mops. Available in 12” to 48” lengths.   With a wide selection of Zipline dust and wet mops, including durable microfiber, this system offers unlimited opportunities and performance gains in all your hard-floor care applications.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available from 12” to 48” lengths.
  • Velcro Backed.
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Aluminum handle

Our lightweight aluminum handle is the perfect compliment to or family of frames and heads. Made of durable 15/16’’ diameter aluminum and with a quick-connector tip, this handle easily extends from 39’’ to 70’’ by a simple twist. Comes with a blue Poly handle tip for comfort and hanging.
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum.
  • Easy, quick-connector.
  • 15/16’’ diameter.
  • Easily extends from 39’’ to 70’’.
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Finish Bucket

Our Blue-Grey Roller Bucket is an ideal addition for use with our line of flat mops.
Made of durable polyvinyl, it comes with a convenient folding handle and snap-on lid. Measuring in at 9 ½” x 14” x 21”, and is available with 4 removable casters.
  • Durable polyvinyl.
  • Folding Handle, with snap-on lid which seals closed
  • Available with or w/o casters.
  • Ideal 9 ½” x 14” x 21” size. 
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