Looped Damp Pad
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Looped Damp Pad

Excellent for damp mopping, these highly launderable pads are velcro backed for convenient frame application. Designed for rougher surfaces as well as smooth surfaces to pull particles in cracks and grout lines.

  • Microfiber – 80/20 yarn blend – twisted weave loop
  • Polyester hook velcro, polyester pocket or polyester 3-pin tab style backing
  • Premium pickup of dust load
  • Looped microfiber for multi-level floor surface cleaning
  • Microfiber insert for increases absorbency
  • Green and white or blue and white stripped – twisted loops
  • Lengths: 9, 16 1/2” or 18”
  • Use with Tuway’s fixed or ext. aluminum handles and one of our (4) frame options; standard velcro frame, 3-pin breakaway frame, pocket breakaway frame or PTZ frame

Velcro Back
Breakaway 3-Pin Tabs

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