Blended Cut End - Conventional
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Blended Cut End - Conventional/Disposable

This blended mop is perfect for a situation when you want both the absorbability of a cotton mop and the quick release of a cotton/rayon/polyester/acrylic mop. This blended cut end mop has the best features of both.

  • 2 ply, cut end, cotton/rayon/polyester/acrylic blended yarn
  • Yarn colors are available in natural, blue, or green
  • 1 1/4” and 5” headbands available
  • Only available with generic label. Private label offered only as a special order
  • Minute Man (Screw On) style available
  • 70% recycled material content

16oz with 1" Head Band

16oz with 5" Head Band

16oz Minute Man

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